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Jiang, Zhengyi Distinguished Professor

Distinguished Professor

  • Centre for Engineering Mechanics
  • School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronics Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Engineering Materials

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Research Overview

  • Research Interests:
    Contact mechanics and computational mechanics in materials processing

    Multi-scale mechanics in metal manufacturing

    Multi-scale materials processing engineering

    Tribology in metal forming

    FEM application in metal manufacturing, stress analysis

    Analysis of heat transfer, thermo-mechanical and mechanical properties by numerical methods

    Mechanics of complex strip and thin strip rolling

    Development of high precision mathematical models in metal forming processes

    Novel steel composites development for mining equipment

    Artificial intelligence application in metal forming processes

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  • Graduate Advising Relationship

    Degree Research Title Advisee
    Doctor of Philosophy Study on Wheel Production Line In Express Passenger Train
    Doctor of Philosophy A Study on Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Aerostatic Bearings Cui, Hailong
    Doctor of Philosophy Study of microforming process with consideration of size effects Kamali, Hamid
    Doctor of Philosophy Effects of Operating Conditions on Intensified Gasification of Residual Carbon in Partially Gasified Char Li, Chengteng
    Master of Research - EIS Extraction of Nickel and Cobalt from a Laterite Ore Hou, Zhenyuan
    Doctor of Philosophy A Study of Hot-Dip Galvanizing of Hot-Rolled Steel Strip Without Acid-Pickling Lin, Fei
    Doctor of Philosophy Research and Implement of PMSM Regenerative Braking Control for Electric Vehicle Zhao, Jin
    Doctor of Philosophy Study of Strip Shape and Flatness in Rolling by Finite Element Analysis. Li, Lianjie
    Doctor of Philosophy A study of micro deep drawing considering effect of water-based nanolubricant Pan, Di
    Doctor of Philosophy Effect of grain size, thickness and lubrication on micro deep drawing of stainless steel Yuan, Shengnan
    Doctor of Philosophy Study on net-shape micro manufacturing of composite micro channels Ren, Mengyuan
    Master of Research - EIS Numerical and Experimental Analysis of Stir Welding Process Morshed, Afshana
    Master of Research - EIS Separartion of Ni, Co and Fe from Fe-II Sludge and Used Fluidised Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Zhao, Haimiao
    Doctor of Philosophy Research on The Grinding Mechanism Based on The Equipment Developed for Single Girt High Speed Continuous Scratching Process Zhang, Tao
    Doctor of Philosophy Study on the Ni-Mn-based magnetic refrigeration materials of the microstructure evolution and the impact on magnetocaloric effects during the plastic deformation Chen, Fenghua
    Master of Research - EIS Study on titanium and its alloy manufacturing Zhou, Muyuan
    Doctor of Philosophy Development of Aluminium Alloys for High Temperature Applications and Their Machanical Characterization Abid, Muhammad

Awards And Honors

Teaching Overview

  • 2020-present Distinguished Professor, University of Wollongong

    2010-2020 Professor, University of Wollongong

    2008-2010    Associate Professor/ARF, University of Wollongong

    2007-2007    Associate Professor, University of Wollongong

    2006-2006    Visiting Professor, Northwestern University, USA

    2004-2006    Principal Fellow/Associate Professor/ARF, University of Wollongong

    2002-2004    ARF, Senior Fellow, University of Wollongong

    1999-2001    Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Wollongong

    1998-present    Professor, Northeastern University (NEU)

    1997-1998    Visiting Fellow, Monash University

    1996-1998    Deputy Director, State Key Lab of Rolling & Automation, NEU

    1995-1997    Associate Professor, Northeastern University

    1994-1995    Visiting Fellow, Tokyo Metropolitan University

    1990-1994    Associate Lecturer/Lecturer, Northeastern University


  • Contact mechanics, computational mechanics, advanced manufacturing, tribology in manufacturing processes, micro manufacturing (forming), finite element modelling of manufacturing processes, development of composite materials, metal product surface quality control, novel steel composites development, artificial intelligence in manufacturing process


  • +61 2 4221 4545

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