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Zhang, Shujun

Distinguished Professor

  • Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
  • Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials

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Research Overview

  • Prof. Zhang is focusing in the research field of materials science and engineering, including dielectric, piezoelectric, ferroelectric and electrocaloric materials in different forms such as ceramics, textured ceramics, crystals, composites, polymers, thick film, etc., for many applications including energy harvesting and energy storage, ultrasonic transducers, sensors and solid state cooling, and multifunction coupling phenomena in emerging applications. Substantial research work has been done under his supervision on material design- fabrication- structure analysis- property characterization- prototypic device evaluations and try to understand the relationships between them to better guide the material development. He received IEEE UFFC Ferroelectric Recognition Award in 2021 for his outstanding contributions to the understanding of how the material design, fabrication and microstructure of dielectric and ferroelectric materials affects their properties and applications. He has broad collaborations with academics and industries around the world, with the backgrounds of material engineering, mechanical engineering and biological engineering. Prof Zhang’s significant contribution to the materials science has led him to be awarded the ARC Future Fellowship, Fellow of IEEE UFFC (Ultrasonic, Ferroelectric and Frequency Control) Society, Fellow of American Ceramic Society and was named the Australian Field Leader in Ceramic Engineering by Australian Research Supplement Magazine. 

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Selected Publications