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Grid Connected Renewable & Distributed Generation (2-Day Continuing Porfessional Development Course presented by APQRC/SBRC at University of Wollongong)



  • Course Objectives

    Renewable and distributed generation (DG) provides an effective means to improve network efficiency, decrease reliance on high carbon emission generation, and allow consumers to increase responsibility for their own electricity needs. However, the rapidly increasing installation of DG to include solar and wind has increased the complexity and uncertainty in operation, control and protection of the networks.

    This course will give a practical understanding of the principles, practices and problems associated with grid connection of these resources. Further areas covered in the course include the operation, control and protection of generation-rich electricity distribution networks, network planning and reliability aspects for facilitating integration of these new generating units.

    This course will cover mainly solar and wind power integration, and energy storage applications. Delegates will learn fundamental aspects, operation, control and protection techniques, and methods of integration to improve supply quality and reliability for utilities and customers. The course will also include practical case studies of renewable energy integration problems and solutions from local industry experts and researchers.

    Course Benefits

    By attending the course, you will gain knowledge and skills to assist you to:
    • Appreciate different renewable and distributed generation resources, their operation, and functional aspects;
    • Have a systematic understanding of the impact of different renewable and distributed generation resources on electricity network operation, control and protection
    • Gain knowledge of guidelines and standards for integration of these new energy resources into electricity grids
    • Be aware of the design of interfaces for different types of renewable energy resources and their particular applications for network benefits
    • Gain a practical understanding of various power quality problems associated with renewable and distributed generation integration including exposure to specific case studies, and
    • Gain knowledge of how to accommodate these devices economically without violating network constraints.

    Who should attend?

    Managers, utility specialists and technical staff who wish to advise customers on renewable energy integration, or who provide services to large clients, or those who wish to understand aspects of network design, construction and maintenance techniques for maximising renewable energy penetration.

    Graduates, end-users or personnel working in all areas of power system design want to understand how the system interacts with DG, will also benefit from attending this course.

Date/time Interval

  • April 8, 2019 8:00 AM - April 9, 2019 5:00 PM