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Barrie, Lance R. Dr

Training and Development Coordinator

  • Training and Development Coordinator - Graduate Research School


Lance Barrie's PhD explored the lived experience of road cycling in Wollongong. Drawing on Deleuze and Guattari’s (1987) concept of assemblage and feminist, post-structuralist concepts of embodiment, his research asks what cycling bodies do? His study critically explores:

1)   The impact and intersection of cycling technology and the increasingly pervasive influence of spatial media (Strava);

2)   Mobility justice and the vulnerability experienced by people who cycle whilst on the road;

3)   How wellbeing is made possible through cycling.

Prior to commencing his PhD, Lance worked as the Research Manager at the Centre for Health Initiatives, UOW. He worked on a range of research projects investigating the impact of alcohol advertising on young people, alcohol related violence in night-time economies, underage drinking, and point-of-sale alcohol advertising. He also has experience working on community based social marketing campaigns targeting smoking in young people, cold and flu amongst university students and drug driving.

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Top Publications

Selected Publications

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