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Tieu, A Kiet. Senior Professor

Faculty Member

  • Coordinator - Centre for Engineering Mechanics
  • School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronics Engineering
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Selected Publications

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  • Graduate Advising Relationship

    Degree Research Title Advisee
    Doctor of Philosophy Investigation of Surface Wear Mechanism of High-Speed Steel Hot Rolls in Hot Rolling. Cui, Shaogang
    Doctor of Philosophy Tribo chemical reaction on aqueous lubricant at interface in metal forming Le, Manh Ha
    Doctor of Philosophy The Tribo chemical reaction on aqueous lubricant at interface in metal forming at high temperature. Tran, Hoang Bach
    Doctor of Philosophy Quantum modelling of lubricant at interface in metal forming at high temperatures Ta, Thi Thuy Huong
    Master of Philosophy Molecular Dynamics Study on Grain Boundary Structures and Their Impact on Dislocation Nucleation Mechanisms Jiang, Nan
    Doctor of Philosophy Vibration-Based Energy Harvesting Novel Sensors for Machine Condition Monitoring Li, Jiaqing
    Doctor of Philosophy A New Adaptive Aqueous Lubricant for Severe Metalworking at Elevated Temperature Tran, Nam Van
    Doctor of Philosophy Crystal Plasticity Modelling of Metals Zhang, Che
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Texture Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy by Accumulative Roll Bonding Wang, Rui
    Doctor of Philosophy Research in Hot Rolling Lubricants at Temperature of 800oC-1100oC Pham, The Sang
    Doctor of Philosophy Ceramic Coatings with Superhydrophobicity and High Durability Nguyen, Hong Huynh
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Mechanical Properties, Microstructure and Defect Evolution of Magnesium Deformed by High Pressure Torsion. Liu, Yu
    Doctor of Philosophy WEAR OF HIGH SPEED STEEL WORK ROLI Phan, Hoang The

Selected Publications