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Muttaqi, Kashem M. Prof.


  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
  • Australian Power Quality and Reliability Centre


Dr Kashem Muttaqi is a Professor at the School of Electrical, Computer, and Telecommunications Engineering, and member of Australian Power Quality and Reliability (APQRC) at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He was associated with the University of Tasmania, Australia as a Research Fellow/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer from 2002 to 2007, and with the Queensland University of Technology, Australia as a Research Fellow from 2000 to 2002. Previously, he also worked for Multimedia University as a Lecturer for three years. He has more than 18 years of academic experience and authored or co-authored 230 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. His research interests include distributed generation, renewable energy, electrical vehicles, smart-grid, power system planning and emergency control. Dr. Muttaqi is an Associate Editor of the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRY APPLICATIONS.

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  • Graduate Advising Relationship

    Degree Research Title Advisee
    Doctor of Philosophy Detection, Analysis and Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell in Renewable Energy Rich Power Grids
    Doctor of Philosophy Emergency Control for Catastrophic Disturbance in Future Power Grids Lomei, Hadi
    Doctor of Philosophy Distributed Energy Storage for Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicle Applications Tran, Viet Thang
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Improving Energy Storage management Systems in Electric Vehicles Sarrafan, Kaveh
    Doctor of Philosophy Predictive Control for Uncertainty Optimisation in Distributed Smart Grids Xiao, Chixin
    Doctor of Philosophy Impact of Electric Vehicles in Power Grids Considering Reliability and Power Quality Constraints. Zahedmanesh, Arian
    Doctor of Philosophy Energy Storage for Improving the Flexibility and Resilience of Power Grids with Renewables Mohy-ud-din, Ghulam
    Doctor of Philosophy Integration of Renewables, Storage Devices and Electric Vehicles into the Future Power Grids Rahman, Obaidur
    Doctor of Philosophy Intelligent energy management system for future micro grids. Rahman, A M Mahfuz Ur
    Doctor of Philosophy Mitigation of Power Quality Problems in Future Grids Islam, Md Minarul
    Doctor of Philosophy Grid Integration of Distributed Energy Resources using magnetic linked converter Rahman, Ashib
    Doctor of Philosophy Control and Protection of Renewable Energy based Micro-grids Yousaf, Muhammad
    Doctor of Philosophy Integration of Oceanic Wave Energy Conversion Systems to Power Grids Rasool, Safdar


  • electrical-engineering, distributed-systems, distributed-generation, renewable-energy, electric-vehicles, smart-grids, power-systems-analysis

Web Of Science Researcher Id

  • J-8040-2012

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Selected Publications