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Liu, Hua Dist Professor

Distinguished Professor

  • Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
  • Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials
  • Distinguished Professor - University of Wollongong 2014 - 2023


Hua Kun Liu is a Distingiushed Professor at the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials (ISEM), Australian Institute of Innovative Materials, University of Wollongong from 2014 to 2023. She was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering in 2013. She was awarded the Doctor of Science (DSc) by the University of Wollongong in 2017 and the most competitive ARC Australian Professorial Fellowships by Australian Research Council in 1994-1998, 1999-2003, 2003-2005, and 2006-2010. She received the University of Wollongong Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence Senior Researcher in 2013. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award by Ausinan Science and Technology Society in 2018.She has completed 52 research grants and 80% from ARC in which she mainly was the first CI. She is one of the Chief Investigators for Auto CRC 2020 program on energy storage (2012-2017), aiming at achieving high energy density, high power density, safety and long cycle life lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles, and also for Smart Sodium Storage System project supported by Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA, 2016-2020). She was a Highly Cited Researcher in 2016 (in Engineering) and 2018 (in Materials Science and Chemistry) by Clarivate, The Citations 52500, h-index = 115 by Scopus in May 2019. She has supervised more than 80 PhD students to completion and more than 40 postdoctoral and visiting fellow who have been widely spread within five continents. Professor Liu is the founder of the internationally renowned energy materials program within the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials at the University of Wollongong. Under her leadership, the energy materials research group has grown to 60 postgraduate students and 10 full time staff in 2018.


Top Publications

Research Overview

  • Awards

    2014 - 2023, Distinguished Professor, University of Wollongong

    2018, Lifetime Achievement Award by Ausinan Science and Technology Society.

    2016, Successful women ceramic and glass scientists and engineers – 100 inspirational profiles by Lynnette D. Madsen, USA

    2013, Fellowship of Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

    2013, Vice-Chancellor’s Research Excellence Award for Senior Researchers, University of Wollongong

    2006 – 2013, ARC Professorial Fellowship (APF) within ARC Centre for Electromaterials Science (ACES), UOW 

    2003-2005: APF within ARC Centre for Nanostructured Electromaterials, UoW

    1999-2003: ARC Professorial Fellowship, ISEM, UOW

    1994-1998: ARC Senior Research Fellowship, ISEM, UOW

    Publication date:

    900 reviewed papers. She was selected as ISI Highly Cited Researcher by Thompson Reuters 2016 (in Engineering) and 2018 (in Materials and Science), with 34,000 citations, h-index =91 (Web of Science in Oct 2018). Also highly cited researcher by Google scholars.43000 citations, h-index = 105 (Google Scholars in Oct 2018). The Citations 41000, h-index = 97 by Scopus in May 2019.

    Research Grants:

    ¨      J. Wang, H.K. Liu, K. Konstantinov, W. Yang, G. Gu, Development of ambient air operation rechargeable sodium-air batteries $372,388, 2018-2020

    ¨      G. Wang, A. McDonagh, B, Sun, R. Zheng, G, Smith, KF. Aguey-Zinson, J. Ma, Y. Chen, M. Cotie, H.K. Liu, W.K. Pang, Atomic layer nanofabrication system for multi-functional applications, ARC LIEF (LE180100129), 2018, $ 425.2K

    ¨      S.X. Dou, H.K. Liu, S. Chou, K. See et al, ARENA project on Smart Sodium Storage System”, 2016-2020, $4710K

    ¨      Z. Huang, H. K.Liu, H. Yu, X. Yu, “Liquid-phase hydrogen carriers for energy storage and delivery”, ARC DP170101773, 2017-2019, $391K

    ¨      J. Wang, H.K. Liu, Z. Guo, K. Konstantinov, S. Chou, R. Tandiono, “Development of Novel Safe Lithium Metal-Free Sulfur Batteries’’, ARC LP 2016, $210K

    ¨      H.K. Liu, Z.P. Guo, J.Z. Wang, J.H. Kim, K. Konstantinov, S. Chou, ‘High energy anode materials for lithium ion batteries’, BAJC R&D fund ($200K), and AUTO CRC 1-117 fund ($100K) 2015-2017

    ¨      J. Wang, J. Chen, S. Chou, H.K. Liu, H. Zhou, X. Wang, Lithium-Ion Air Batteries with Non-Flammable Ionic Liquid–Based Electrolytes, ARC DP, 2014-2016 ($350K)

    ¨      Z. Guo, Z. Huang, H.K. Liu, X. Yu, Q. Gu, Development of highly regenerable ammonia-borane and related boron nitride-based hydrides with low cost for hydrogen storage ARC DP, 2014-2016 ($345K)

    ¨      S.L. Chou, J.Z. Wang, H.K. Liu, D. Wexler, Y.M. Kang, Development of novel composite anode materials combined with new binders for high energy, high power and long life Li-ion battery, ARC LP , 2013-2015 ($270K)

    ¨      H.K. Liu, S.X. Dou, Z.P. Guo, H. Zhao, K-F. Aguey-Zinsou, G. Wang, Y. Liu, K. Konstantinov, H. Yang, V. K Peterson, J. Wang, S. J Pas, Fabrication and characterisation facilities for lithium rechargeable batteries and supercapacitors’, ARC LIEF, 2013 ($200K)

    ¨      S.X. Dou, H.K. Liu, ‘Cathode materials for lithium ion batteries’ within AUTOCRC, 2012-2017 ($480K)

    ¨      S.X. Dou, H.K. Liu, ‘Development of Advanced Electrode and Electrolytes for LIB’ with Malaysia Automotive Institute, 2014-2017 ($1,500K)

    ¨      H.K. Liu, battery with bio-compatible materials with ARC Centre for Electromaterials Science, 2010-2013 ($315K) [ACES  led by Prof. G. Wallace, 2010-2013]

    ¨      G Wallace, S.E. Moulton, R.M. Kapsta, D. Officer, H.K. Liu, ‘Three dimensional polymer structures for bionic applications’, 2010-2013 ($557K)

    ¨      Z. Guo, H.K. Liu, C. Cook, H. Zhu, D. Wexler,  X.J. Zhu, ‘Development of advanced lithium ion battery and ba ttery management system for electric/hybrid electric vehicle applications’ ARC LP, 2009 -2012 ($240K).

    ¨      J. Z. Wang, H. K. Liu, K.Konstantinov, Z. X. Wang, ‘Room temperature rechargeable sulphur batteries’, 2010-2012 (228K)

    ¨      K. Konstantinov, H. K. Liu, A. Calka, D. Wexler, ‘Advanced nanostructured ceramic composites for Ultracapacitors’, 2010-2012 (280K)

    ¨      H.K. Liu, ARC Professorial Fellowship within “Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science”, CE0561616), 2005-2010, ($1,310K), [ACES  led by Prof. G. Wallace, $12 million, 2005-2010]

    ¨      K-F Aguey-Zinsou, T. Maschmeyer, V. Chen, H.K. Liu, R. Amal, S. Perrier, ‘A comprehensive gas/vapour sorption facility for the fast advancement of decarbonised energy technologies’, ARC LIEF, 2012 ($230K)

    ¨      S.X. Dou, G. Peleckis, Y. Zhang, M. Martyniuk, MP in het Panhuis,O.P. Sushkov, C. Zhang,  H.K. Liu, R. Ramer,  H. Yang, G. Parish, ‘A complete near field scanning optical microscope for advanced characterisation of novel and functional materials’, ARC LIEF 2011 ($290K)

    ¨      R. Amal, K-F. Aguey-Zinsou, C. J Kepert, H.K. Liu, C. Selomulya, J.A. Scott,  .W. Y. Teoh,  M. T Lim, C. H. Arns,  S. L. Chan,  H. Wang, ‘High performance analytical tools to strengthen clean energy research’, ARC LIEF, 2010 ($300K)

    ¨      S. X. Dou, G. Peleckis, A.B Rozenfeld,  G. Alici, M.J Walker, R. Zheng,  SP Ringer,  Sn S Li, It-M (Jim) Low, M V Jacob, E Pereloma, J Nowotny, H.K. Liu,  C.M Stampfl,  R. Ramer,  M.P in het Panhuis, R. A Lewis,  A. V Pan, M. Gu,  Y. Chen,  X. Wang,  R.L Stamps, S.J Kennedy,  F. Klose, S. V. Smith, G. Wallace, ‘Combined scanning tunnelling microscope system for materials characterisation and manipulation at nano scale’,  ARC LIEF, 2010 ($600K)

    ¨      HK Liu, Mg-based and carbon-based hydrogen storage materials’ with the National Hydrogen Materials Alliance, CSIRO Flagship, 2006-2009 ($155K)

    ¨      H.K. Liu, S.X. Dou, J. Wang, S. Chou, M. Ionescu, ‘Irradiation Si on carbon nanotube paper using 10MV TANDEM accelerator’, AINSE, 2009 ($9.6K)

    ¨      Z. Guo, H.K. Liu, P. Notten, J. Chen, A. Zuettel, ‘New concepts with multidisplinary approach: novel fuctionalized nanostructures for hydrogen storage’, ARC DP, 2007-2009 ($300K)

    ¨      Z. Guo, H.K. Liu, J. Wang, K. Konstantinov, M. Forsyth, ‘Miniature lithium ion battery for implantable medical device applications’, ARC LP, 2007-2009 ($310K)

    ¨        E. Pereloma, M.R. Barnett, H.K. Liu, P.D.Hodgson, A.I. Minett,K.A. Tieu, J. Norrish, R.J. Dippenaar,B.N. Indraratna, D. Wexler, F.L. Barbaro, K.K. Konstantino,  Z.Y. Jiang, G.X. Wang, D.P. Dunne, N. Stanford, A. Calka, H. Beladi, Z.P. Guo, A.A. Gazder, D.J. Phelan, B.F. Rolfe, ‘Dynamic texture measurement facility’, ARC LIEF, 2009 ($350K)

    ¨      G.M. Lu,  J. Zou, J. Drennan, R. Amal, H.K. Liu, M.A. Kendall, I.R. Gentle, D.J. Martin, J. Zhu, D. Jurcakova, A.F. Dexter, X. Yao, ‘An Integrated Raman Microscope and in Situ STM-TEM Analysis System’, ARC LIEF, 2008 ($390K)

    ¨      S.S. Li, C. Zhang, M.J. Hoffman, J. Nowotny, N. Valanoor, J.A. Stride, T. Bak, H.K. Liu, A.V. Pan, Z.P. Guo, J. Horvat, M.R. Phillips, R.Y. Yang, R. Zheng, Y. Liu, ‘Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer and Rapid Photoluminescence Mapping System for Development of Advanced Materials and Biosystems’, ARC LIEF, 2008 ($300K)

     Collaboration project:
    AUSTRALIA-BAOSTEEL project by HK.Liu etal (High energy anode materials for lithium ion batteries (2015-2017). $200K + $100K and UOW $80K
      From this project, a PhD candidate Lei Zhang was graduated, three other PhD candidates were contributed to this project. Two Baosteel researcher visited ISEM and discussed the project researcher at ISEM. Baosteel was very happied for this project, and spent RAM $2 million to develop the measuring facilities for battery materials. We published below: 

    Y. Liu, Z. Tai, T. Zhou, V. Sencadas, J. Zhang, L. Zhang, K. Konstantinov, Z. Guo*, H. K. Liu, Adv. Mat., 2017, 29, 1703028.

    L. Zhang, R. Rajagopalan, H. Guo, X. Hu, S. Dou and H.Liu. Adv. Func. Mater., 2016, 26, 440–446. 

    L. Zhang, H. Guo, R. Rajagopalan, X. Hu, Y. Huang, S. Dou and H. Liu, J. Mater.  Chem. A,  2016,4, 4056-4061.

    J. Yang, Y.-X. Wang, S.-L. Chou, R. Zhang, Y. Xu, J.Fan, W.-X. Zhang, H.K. Liu, D.  Zhao, S. X. Dou, Nano Energy (2015) 18, 133-142.

    W. Luo, Y.-X. Wang, L. Wang, W. Jiang, S.-L. Chou, S. X. Dou, H. K. Liu, J. P. Yang. ilicon/Mesoporous Carbon/Crystalline TiO2 Nanoparticles for Highly Stable Lithium Storage, ACS Nano, 2016, 10, 10524

    J.Yang, Y.-X. Wang, W. Li, L. Wang, Y. Fan, W. Jiang, W. Luo, Y. Wang,* B. Kong, C. Selomulya, H. K. Liu, S. X. Dou, D. Zhao, Amorphous TiO2 Shells: A Vital Elastic Buffering Layer on Silicon Nanoparticles for High-Performance and Safe Lithium Storage; Advanced Materials, 2017,1700523.

    H. Guo, B. Ruan, L. Liu, L. Zhang, Z. Tao, S. Chou, J. Wang, H. Liu, Capillary-induced Ge uniformly distributed in N-doped carbon nanotubes with enhance Li-storage performance; Small, 2017, DOI: 10.1002/smll.201700920.

    After this project, Lei Zhang was PhD graduated worked in Griffith University as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr Jianping Yang received the Dongfang scholar award and was a special pointed Professor position in Donghua University. 
    BAOSTEEL applied a patent.

Selected Publications