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Fred Paas is professor of educational psychology and chair of the educational and developmental psychology program at Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and professorial fellow at the Early Start Research Institute of the University of Wollongong. He holds a Master in human movement sciences from Maastricht University and a PhD in instructional technology from Twente University in the Netherlands. Professor Paas was one of the pioneers in the field of educational psychology in the early 1990's when he started to apply cognitive load theory principles to the design of instructions, multimedia and training of complex cognitive skills. His research focuses on the design of effective and efficient learning environments by applying current multidisciplinary scientific knowledge about the human cognitive system and covers a wide spectrum of areas from education to psychology and cognitive science. His ground-breaking work on measurement techniques for cognitive load, on instructional efficiency and uncovering the variability effect, the cognitive aging effect, the human movement effect, and the collective working memory effect not only extended the existing instructional theories, it also provided a framework for understanding a range of learning phenomena in different educational domains. His current research focus is on the the effects of human movement on learning and performance of young children.

He has (co)authored more than 200 SSCI journal articles and book chapters, with more than 15000 citations, and was recently identified as one of the world's most productive authors in the fields of educational psychology and instructional technology. He was also recently appointed Editor in Chief of the prestigious journal Educational Psychology Review. He has been awarded more than $8 million dollars in peer reviewed grants, including two ARC discovery grants with Prof. Paul Ayres (UNSW). He is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association.

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

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