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Deane, Frank Prof.

Honorary Senior Professor

  • Faculty of the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • School of Psychology


My research is broadly aimed at identifying factors that improve help seeking for mental health problems particularly in young people and males. The second area involves research into psycho-social treatments for severe mental disorders and/or alcohol and other drug problems. A major focus has been on the assessment and implementation of recovery-oriented mental health care. I am interested in the role that values, acceptance and therapeutic homework (action plans) play in treatment. This work has extended to applications in physical illnesses and health settings (e.g., palliative care).

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  • Graduate Advising Relationship

    Degree Research Title Advisee
    Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) Values Amongst Individuals Being Treated for Borserline Personality Disorder Mohi, Simone
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Social cognition deficits associated with interpersonal trust in borderline personality disorder. Abramov, Gamze
    Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) The Influence of Attitudes, Stigma, and Perceived Function on Students' Help-Seeking Intentions for Others' Deliberate Self Harm. Dawson, Kristy
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Developing effective parenting programs for vulnerable families: Exploring the utility of a proposed theoretical framework Osborne, Briony
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Living in limbo: Coping and psychological outcomes among people with a missing loved one Hammell, Cecilia
    Doctor of Philosophy The Therapeutic Relationship Between Client and Dietitian: An Investigation of the Core of Clinical Dietetic Practice Nagy, Annaliese
    Doctor of Philosophy Criteria and Assessment of Outcomes of Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Management Services. Wang, Jing
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) The effect of Type 2 diabetes risk communication and risk perception on health behaviour intentions in a substance dependence population Goh, Melvin
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Suicide Prevention in Young People Janackovski, Atanas
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Does ‘Uncertainty Tolerance’ contribute to Overprescribing? Informing Stewardship for Healthcare Staff in Aged-Care Settings Singh, Saniya
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Help for the helpers: The impact of role identity and educational training on mental health help-seeking in Australian paramedics. Tow, Kelly
    Doctor of Philosophy Reflections in (inter)action: Discursive Perspectives on Reflecting Team conversations in Family therapy Sidis, Anna
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) Parents and Adolescents: Exploring the Environmental Transmission of Suicidal Behaviour in the Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicide Weston, Tiffany
    Doctor of Philosophy (Clinical Psychology) The Effect of Continuum Conceptualisations of Mental Illness on Stigma in Adolescents Fernandez, Dominic
    Doctor of Philosophy Factors Associated with Sustaining Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services Wolstencroft, Keren
    Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) Cognitive Factors Involved in Help Negation Following Suicidal Ideation Turner, Brie

Top Publications

Selected Publications