Rosenfeld, Anatoly B. Distinguished Professor


  • School of Physics
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
  • Director - Centre for Medical Radiation Physics

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    Degree Research Title Advisee
    Doctor of Philosophy 2D Monolithic Silicon Detectors for Dosimetry in Small Beam Radiotherapy (Stereotactic Radiotherapy) Al shukaili, Khalsa
    Doctor of Philosophy Multifunctional Metal Oxide Nanoparticles for Biomcdical Applications Cardillo, Dean
    Doctor of Philosophy Real Time Dosimetry of Proton Therapeutic Beam Using Prompt Gamma Zarifi, Melek
    Doctor of Philosophy The Characterisation of MP512 for 2D/3D Dose Reconstruction for Small Beams Stansook, Nauljun
    Doctor of Philosophy Dosimetry of Movable Target in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Duncan, Mitchell
    Doctor of Philosophy Characterisation of Novel Silicon Detectors for Proton Therapy and Heavy ION Therapy Quality Assurance Bolst, David
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Monolithic Silicon Transmission Pixelate Detector For Small Field Dosimetry Utitsarn, Kananan
    Doctor of Philosophy Development of a Solid State Quality Assurance System for Scanning Beams in Proton and Heavy Ion Therapy Chartier, Lachlan
    Doctor of Philosophy Development & characterisation of a novel silicon strip detector & magic plate array of silicon detectors for use in quality assurance of hadron beam radiotherapy Merchant, Aaron
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) In-Vivo Skin Diode Dosimetry For In-Vivo High Dose Rate Prostate Brachytherapy Al-qadhi, Ramaq
    Master of Philosophy Wireless In-Vivo Dosimetry of High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer Using Moskin Detectors Peters, Iliana
    Master of Philosophy Separation of Scintillation and Cerenkov Radiation in Fiber Optic Dosimeters Madden, Levi
    Doctor of Philosophy Ancient and modern dosimetry: applications to geological dating and radiotherapy QA Romanyukha, Anna
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Skin verification in head and neck cancer with eXaSkin bolus and VMAT Al-sudani, Taghreed
    Doctor of Philosophy Pre-treatment and in-vivo dosimetric verification in Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy using silicon detectors Alhujaili, Sultan
    Doctor of Philosophy Radiotherapy to Breast - Development of Dosimetrc Models for Assessment of Radiation Doses to Critical Structures. Al-Rahbi, Zakiya
    Doctor of Philosophy Development of Magic Scintillating Plastic Fibre-Optic System (MSPFOS) for Real-time Dosimetry HDR Brachytherapy Al Towairqi, Mohammed
    Master of Philosophy Innovative Dosimetry in HDR Brachytherapy: Fibre Optics Dosimetry (FOD) Wong, Esther Yen Yen
    Doctor of Philosophy Investigating the physics of gamma-ray induced nuclear reactions Delaney, Justin
    Doctor of Philosophy Dose Quantification and Enhancements for Particle Therapy Chacon, Andrew
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Development of Simulation Tools for Micro and Nano-Dosimetry Bakr, Samer
    Doctor of Philosophy High Spatial Resolution Detector for SABR Biasi, Giordano
    Doctor of Philosophy The Development of Novel Silicon and Diamond Microdosimeters for Ion Therapy and BNCT Quality Assurance Vohradsky, James
    Doctor of Philosophy Porosas Target for MO-99 Prodnction Raposio, Robert
    Master of Philosophy VMAT Quality Assurance based on the Code of Practice Report 24 Netherlands Commission on Radiation Dosimetry using DUO in transmission mode Matar, Fatima
    Doctor of Philosophy Development of a Real Time Optical Fiber Dosimeter for Radiotherapy Patients. Heranudin, -
    Doctor of Philosophy Quality Assurance Dosimetry in Particle Therapy James, Benjamin
    Doctor of Philosophy 3D-Brachyview Brennen, Taylah
    Doctor of Philosophy Advanced In-Vivo Dose Verification with Silicon Diode Array and EPID Co-Registration Brace, Owen
    Doctor of Philosophy Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Complex Treatment Deliveries Le, Albert
    Doctor of Philosophy Localization Accuracy of PET-CT Defined Target Volumes under Respiratory Motion for Radiation Therapy Osman, Timia
    Master of Philosophy Feasibility Study for in-vivo tracking of high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy sources used for gynaecologic caricinoma Al-Salman, Tebarak
    Doctor of Philosophy Development and implementation of innovative radiation detectors for radiation protection in aviation and space exploration and hadrontherapy Quality Assurance. Peracchi, Stefania
    Doctor of Philosophy (Integrated) Development of In Vivo Real Time Innovative Radiation Dosimetry for Diagnostic Radiology (CT and Fluoroscopy) Salman, Muhammad
    Doctor of Philosophy Development of a Novel Dose Quantification Method for Heavy Ion Radiotherapy Using In-Beam Positron Emission Tomography Imaging Rutherford, Harley
    Doctor of Philosophy Skin Dose Enhancement from an Inline MRI-Linac: Dosimetry with MOSkin and Dose Magnifying Glass Patterson, Elizabeth
    Doctor of Philosophy Gamma Activation Analysis for on-line Mineral Sorting Applications Delpiano, Shaun
    Doctor of Philosophy Development and commissioning of various solid state detectors and dedicated phantoms for patient specific HDR brachytherapy QA Poder, Joel
    Doctor of Philosophy Develop Motion Management Techniques for Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Treatments on TomoTherapy Hu, Yunfei
    Doctor of Philosophy Investigation of the use of novel ceramic oxide nanoparticles to improve the clinical outcome of radiation therapies McKinnon, Sally
    Doctor of Philosophy Innovative silicon detector for 3D construction of Dose in External beam radiothereapy Newall, M
    Doctor of Philosophy Application of the Mojkin and other solid Dosimeters in the clinical Environment Thorpe, Nathan
    Doctor of Philosophy Neutron Dosimetry for Medical Linear Accelerators Using Planar Silicon Diodes Gracanin, Vanja

Selected Publications